Wendy Christina is an eco friendly, cruelty free natural skin care brand. Australian owned and hand made in South East Queensland.

All products are formulated and produced in house using high grade anti-ageing active ingredients to enhance collagen synthesis, skin cell renewal and effectively boost hydration.

The key ingredient throughout our anti-ageing range is ‘Hyaluronic Acid’, an active ingredient that is the cornerstone for ultimate skin hydration. Known as ‘natures moisturiser’ this ingredient has the ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water. When applied topically your skin will instantly plump and be left with a glossy surface due to rapid moisture replenishment. Hyaluronic acid will also assist with the accelerated penetration of our other active ingredients such as: certified organic green tea, rosehip oil, certified organic coffee bean extract, certified organic honey, certified organic aloe leaf extract & essential fatty acids which joined together can assist to rejuvenate, nourish and repair your skin.

The key focus of the product range is hydration and cellular rejuvenation. In Australia it is particularly important to continually replenish our skin cells with moisture and vitamin C rich nutrients. Due to extreme sun exposure we are vulnerable to accelerated skin ageing and continual dehydration, therefore we must pay particular attention to this, which means not only increasing our intake of water, but by choosing carefully what we apply to our skin.

The active ingredients all contain high levels of vitamin C, which does not naturally occur in the body. Therefore replenishment through a vegetable rich diet and quality skincare is imperative. Vitamins C and E are the duo powerhouse for prevention of free radical damage and restoration of healthy skin cells. Each of the products throughout the range contain high level concentrations of these two important anti-oxidants.


By using natural & organic ingredients as opposed to synthetic we are minimizing chemical waste being rinsed into our waterways and potentially upsetting the balance and health of our eco-systems.


No ingredient or end product is or will be tested on animals. Wendy Christina doesn’t believe in harming or dominating those around us to benefit the self.


Recycled paper is used where possible for marketing material. As demand grows Wendy Christina intends to expand this effort by using only soy-based ink for printing.

Wendy Christina Premium Skincare is hand made on the Sunshine Coast, Australia using up to 98% natural & 75% Australian certified organic ingredients.The all natural product range is formulated with botanical extracts containing high levels of stable and natural vitamin C ; an integral vitamin for skin rejuvenation. The range focuses on three key areas; Skin rejuvenation, hydration and skin conditioning and provides an all natural approach to improving your skins health and vitality.